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In Topic: Unable to import all of my names from the Family Search

27 May 2014 - 11:07 PM

Did you start with youself as the starting person?  How many generations of ancestors and descendants did you select?



Yes i did. I selected 1 descendants (in fact i don't have any so far) and 10 generations of ancestors (and that's how much i have total in the FamilyTree)


It will only import those that are connected to you. If the lines are not connected then it won't import pass them.


Hm, it would be really good to know the definition of 'connected to you'.

For example - my FamilyTree has my great-grand father from the 10th generation. He had 2 sons. Descendant of one of them - me. But what about the second son and his descendants? I have it all in the Family Tree but it wasn't added.
But than i imported some more information starting from this brother, and all of his descendants appeared in my tree. Does it mean i need to do a similar thing for every line who are not direct?