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In Topic: Galaxy TAB 10.1 Drop Box Won't Open etc

09 June 2014 - 02:05 AM

I have documented my difficulties in my post of 31 May.

I have spent many many hours trying all suggestions received ( I do appreciate all attempts to solve the issue) without success. I am very annoyed and disappointed that I cannot make the RM App work properly. For my sanity's sake I have accepted that it is better not to bother. This is very unlike me to give up but it has been too long and intense.

Thank you.


In Topic: Galaxy TAB 10.1 Drop Box Won't Open etc

31 May 2014 - 02:51 AM

I have RM /Drop Box installed on my GalaxyTAB 10.1 and have followed all suggestions shown on this forum without success. When I attempt to open the RM app in the tablet's Dropbox it states "please download an app that can open this file"

The Dropbox file on my PC can access the RM file( format RMGC.)

I have RM version 6 and is updated.

I am about to give up after several days of frustration. I am a reasonably intelligent individual although I do have limited technical expertise when it comes to IT.

Any suggestions would be welcome.



In Topic: Rearranging Media Problem

08 March 2014 - 11:14 PM

Thank you Renee & Laura for your prompt responses. I am very confused.
None of the 36 media items missing from the list are media attached to shared events. They relate to this particular individual.
When I add media items to a person's Media Album they are added to the individual and not "shared", some individual items from my hard drive are obviously saved to a number of different people.
A check of other individuals indicates that the problem is not isolated to the individual person I originally quoted.
The 38 items in the Media album are saved as individual items not shared, they all appear when selecting All Media for that individual. When General media is chosen only 2 items appear, the same 2 that appear in the Rearrange Media window. The vast majority of these 38 items are very specifically relating to that one person.
All I want to do is to rearrange the order of the media items for any individual, precisely what I thought the function of the Rearrange Media function was to provide.
It is extremely frustrating, any help would be appreciated.