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Some horizontal lines missing from descendant charts

26 February 2014 - 11:22 AM

I've been a very happy user of RM since v3, but I've been experiencing a loss of some horizontal lines from multi-page descendant charts for a while now.

It always seems confined to a few sheets on the LH side, and seems only to be the first and second lines. The individuals' 'boxes' are there, with short rising lines on the top of each box, but nothing to link them.

I'm using a trusty Hewlett Packard LJ4000 laser printer, and have tried changing PCL5 and PCL6 printer drivers, to no effect. I've also tried switching from portrait to landscape.

Someone made a similar report on Rootsweb in 2008, (with a different HP printer) but I haven't found any others.

Can anyone offer any advice, please?