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RootMagic Andrid - Crashes and a few recommendations

07 February 2014 - 10:59 PM

Here are the things I have found after a few minutes of pocking around:
  • The Pedigree chart displays each individual too small. Please add pinch and zoom and navigating the tree with finger swipes.
  • The multi-media files are very small and rendered blurry.
  • Please consider hiding the link info making it optional. This will allow near full screen size.
  • Also consider adding the pinch and zoom feature, otherwise the pics and docs are useless.
  • This sequence of steps crashed my Samsun galaxy 4S into a black screen. It took me several attempts to get to the shot down screen. The only way to recuperate.
  • Opened a multi-media file
  • From the menu opened the locations list
  • Tried to get out of the location list and the app crashed.
Look forward to a quick set of fixes for this and others being reported.

Thanks for a great RM PC product. I am confident the Android version will be a great kit.