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Timeline View Duplicated

12 December 2014 - 01:35 PM

I generally do most of my editing from the Timeline.  On seemingly random occasions, the person's timeline wil be duplicated on screen, one complete timeline placed below the other within the Timeline tab.  This generally happens after I save an edited fact note, in which case I lose my note changes and have to re-enter them, but have also had it happen after applying a color code, and probably other activities as well.  The duplicate timeline wil go away if I move to another person and then back again, or switching to a different tab and back again. The frequency is maybe once every hour or so of steady editing.  I can provide a screen shot if needed.





Deleting Sources - Incorrect Verification Dialog

08 December 2014 - 07:00 PM

I have been gradually re-doing all my sources, which were all originally imported using the 'Free-form' template as part of a GEDCOM import using a database that I exported from Genbox a while ago.  I create the new source using the appropriate template, then add new citations as required and delete the old citiations tied to the old free-form source.  Sometimes when deleting the old source, I have been erroneously getting a dialog saying that there are still people, families or facts using the source.  I run a source report to see what citations are still attached, and in each case, the report shows a citation attached to the person name, but the citiation was deleted previously and does not show in the list of sources for the person's name (or any other events attached to that person). I've tried cleaning and re-indexing, etc., but has no effect.  Note that this does not prevent me from deleting the source if I answer 'yes' at the confirmation dialog, but wastes time to run the report, etc., and not sure if it's leaving a bunch of orphaned citiations out there. 

Color Coding - Clear Verification

08 December 2014 - 05:55 PM

Twice I have cleared all my color coding by accident, I think because I've accidentally selected it when adding a color to a person.  I'm using blue color coding for a number of people, and the 'Clear all colors' option is directly behind blue in the 'Set Color' drop down menu.  Recommend adding a "Do you really want to Clear all colors" verification to prevent accidental clearing.  

NARA Pension File Source template

07 December 2014 - 11:23 PM

The source template "Pension Files, NARA Microfilm" is set up to us NARA as the default source, but allows for using non-NARA sources as well.  However, the short footnote will print the 'NARA' film ID regardless so, as it is currently published, it only works for NARA publications.


[ItemOfInterest:Abbrev], NARA [FilmID]<, [RollNo]>.


Recommend either updating the template to remove the NARA text from the short footnote, or making the template specific to NARA and adding a new non-NARA template with all NARA defaults removed.


Also, the Publication Date in the full footnote and bibliography templates is a required field, recommend making it an optional field.  Some of the sate sources don't provide a pub. date, and the comma shows if you don't enter a date.  (text is not allowed, so 'n.d.' is not accepted)