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12 December 2014 - 02:09 PM

Thanks for all the good info.  I'll have to explore further before getting too much further with migrating.  Just to help me scope the effort, assuming that I currently have say 5000 people with 600-700 sources and 25+K citations, how many sources would you guess I would be mananging with extreme splitting?  FYI, I'm not really sure how many 'real' citations I actually have.  Genbox supports citations for many more elements, so I delete many when I migrate a person.  Ex., to record a new person with a birth event in Genbox, I could record individual (usually duplicate) citations for: the person, person name, birth event, birth date, birth place, birth detail, mother, father, and family, and probably a couple more that I'm forgetting) ... so maybe 8-10K citiations remaining when I'm done. 

In Topic: Deleting Sources - Incorrect Verification Dialog

10 December 2014 - 01:27 AM



I realized that option 2 above will not work because there are indeed pages in sources like books.  No kidding.  


So, resorting to option 1, I ran the following query to set all the free-form citations to 'Fix'.  This will allow me to set up a Group of people that have citations that need to be fixed.  I'll delete the 'Fix' as I update them.  That's the opposite of Laura's approach, but I prefer it as it leaves the citation reference no. empty when I'm done.   


UPDATE CitationTable
SET RefNumber = "Fix"
WHERE SourceID IN (SELECT SourceID FROM SourceTable WHERE TemplateID = 0);

In Topic: Deleting Sources - Incorrect Verification Dialog

09 December 2014 - 06:24 PM



I'm thinking my best approach going fwd is a combination of your's and Laura's suggestions.  FYI, I have about 700 sources and about 20K citations to wade thru.  I like Laura's approach to manage future updates because I'm updating them to better conform to EE, so I have to manually touch many of them anyway.  The problem is that I've been at it for several months, so I've already fixed a few thousand and don't want to start over.  For her approach to be effective, I'd need to go find all the citations I've already fixed and update the reference number of each so that the Group filter works correctly.  So I'm thinking I have two possible choices:


1) Write a query to update all the citation reference numbers to add a short text string to any citations that are linked to a free-form source type.




2) Write a query to update all the citations, as above, that have "<Name>Page</Name>" in the Fields BLOB.  For this to work, I'm presuming that RM has added that code to every free-form citation, regardless if there is any page text.  Based on what I have already read from this thread, I think that assumption is correct.


My preference is option 2, since I only need to be concerned with one table.  I'm using SQLite Expert, have loaded the unifuzz DLL, and have my DB backed up.  Do you concur, and are there any gotchas in working with this DB that I need to be concerned with?

In Topic: Deleting Sources - Incorrect Verification Dialog

09 December 2014 - 03:49 PM

Thanks to all for the diffierent suggestions.  My SQL skills are a bit rusty by a few years, but may be worth a look as well.

In Topic: Deleting Sources - Incorrect Verification Dialog

09 December 2014 - 02:14 PM

Thanks Laura.  I have never used the Source to create a group.  There's a gold mine of good stuff buried in the long list of operators you can use for filters.  Wish I'd seen this a few months ago :-). 


I'd love it if they could either 1) separate the system items from the fact types in the 'Select Field' list, or 2) allow us to turn on/off adding fact types to the list.  With them co-mingled alphabetically, the system items get lost in the shuffle, and those are the ones that I tend to use the most.