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In Topic: Windows 10 - Read only files

23 August 2015 - 12:11 AM

I had this problem crop up earlier this year and tried many different things to fix the issue of Permissions related to file attributes. I was finally able to change the Read Only attribute on my photo and data files by following the steps listed below (which I found on some tech forum - sorry about the weak source here).


1.  Right-click on the folder
2.  Select Properties.
3.  Click Security tab.
4.  Click Advanced.
5.  Change the owner on clicking "Change" link.
6. Click Advanced tab to select obj name.
7.  Click 'Find Now' button.
8.  Select 'Administrators' and then click OK.
9.  Again press Ok on owner panel.
10.  Check Replace owner on subcontainer check box
11. Click "Enable inheritance" if disabled.
12.  Click “Replace all child object…” check box
13. Click Ok.

Now you are able to access your files without any interruption


I hope this helps you!


Steve in Duvall