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Running RM on Linux

05 January 2014 - 03:42 PM

Hello RM users, developers, and gurus!

Does anyone know if there is any plan for Rootsmagic (RM) to run on the Linux platform? The reason I ask is that we have a small Family History classroom in our Stake building that has some Dell Optiplex 740 PC's running Windows XP. These PC's are too old to upgrade the OS to Win7 so I was thinking about moving them to Mint (a FREE Linux variant). XP support stops in April 2014 and I'm tired of trying keep up with all the patches & security updates in the Windows realm (there won't be any for XP after April 2014 and they will become even more of a security risk). There are folks in our stake that want to do Family History work but don't own a computer or have access to the Internet without going to a neighbors house or the library. The stake is also not willing to shell out more $$$ to upgrade (and I understand why if the OS goes obsolete again in a few years).

I was hoping that since Android is a variation on Linux that someday a full version of Rootsmagic would be available for Linux (Mint) users. I'm not willing to play the Microsoft OS upgrade game and I'm not rich enough to move to the Apple iOS realm. I love RM and would rather pay $$$ for good software (like RM) rather that crappy Operating Systems. I know the Linux realm is small but I know several folks that are moving to Linux (Mint) from XP rather than have to $pend more time & $$$ buying new hardware and software.

I would love to hear others thoughts on the subject.

Thank you,
John Blackham, North Salt Lake, UT, USA