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In Topic: Re-Linking Media Files Issue

06 July 2019 - 09:21 AM

Jerry, I ended up using an SQL Update query to replace the missing Media Path with the required information. Luckily, all media is in a single folder. It only took a couple of seconds to update over 4,800 entries. A lot quicker than using RM to fix the issues.

In Topic: RM Security While on the Net

11 November 2018 - 06:21 AM

Thanks for all the feedback but everyone missed my point of concern. I use MalwareBytes, Ccleaner, Super Anti-Spyware and ADWcleaner on a regular basis plus I have an anti-virus program running all the time and my Windows firewall is active. I have run each of them a number of times and no threats have been found..So I think I am covered that way.


I wanted to know how people have been using RM while online to mitigate any sensitive data within their databases being accessible.I use Family Search all the time as well as Find-A-Grave and Ancestry to glean information that I need. I also have a lot of Living people in my database that I don't want anyone having access to but myself.


Hopefully this clarifies my concerns. Maybe I am being a bit paranoid as a hacker did manage to get a lot of my internet passwords (most of them have been changed). I have also ran a re-install of the Windows OS while keeping my programs and data so this might have cleared up any keyloggers that might have been installed..