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In Topic: "Living" shown as first name, want actual name

22 December 2013 - 11:35 AM

Laura, Thank you for your reply.

You wrote:
"RootsMagic shows a person's name in the Pedigree Chart."

OK, but my Pedigree Chart shows Joe Smith as Living Smith, it shows everyone that is not dead to have the first name Living.
I want it to show the actual first names.

If I "Edit Person" and replace Living in "Given Names:" field with actual Given Name ( as shown in Alt Name> Detail),
then my Pedigree Chart for that person is revised to shows the actual Given Name.

I don't want to do this 200 times, want to do it globaly with one stroke.

You wrote:
"If the name is Living, that is what RM will show for the name."

OK, as in name on birth cirtificate is Living Smith,
where you address the person as "Hi Living, that is an odd first name"

You wrote:

"There is no choice to privatize living people for any report in RM."
OK, no choice, but you get what the Pedigree Chart shows as first name,
and I have a lot of Living shown as first name.

You wrote:
"A person's name is replaced with living when exporting a gedcom where living people's names have been privatized."

Onced privatized ,forever privatized?

In RM6,Help>Inrex the word "privatize" and "Living" does not appear, that leaves me lost.

My Pedigree Chart display is privatized, how do you turn it on and off?

I have exported it to GED, "Privatize Living People" NOT CHECKED.
Opened the GED. My Pedigree Chart display is still privatized, all living people first name shown as "Living",
except the ones I have manually changed.

Note, if one would export to GED, and decide to Ckeck "Privatize Living People", The Names and Facts pull down choices could use some explamation.

You wrote:
"When importing those people into RM, their names will be Living."

Onced privatized ,forever privatized - seems to be true.

Where is the privitize ON/OFF switch?

Thanks, Bil