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In Topic: Age not showing

24 October 2018 - 02:49 AM

The problem has been identified being caused by the Will fact. As I had entered the date when I made my Will, RM decided I was dead and did not calculate my age for any facts after the Will. It seems to me that this is reasonable because any new Will replaces a previous one. However, a Will can be made a long time before death and other life events could occur between the Will and the granting of Probate to the Executors. The suggested work-around involves putting the date the Will was made only in the sort date field.


It should be noted that if a Will is the only fact before a person's death then the age at death is calculated no matter how long afterwards it occurs.

In Topic: Age not showing

23 October 2018 - 01:28 AM

I think it best to open a support ticket so we can take a look. Include a backup (without media).





In Topic: Age not showing

22 October 2018 - 01:16 AM

Sorry for delay in replying. I have tried the steps suggested (i.e. I am marked living and the date is correctly entered). I have 65 facts about myself and my age is not showing for the final 5. I assume there is no limit on facts.


If I go to my birth date and change the proven status to the blank option (and save), my age then appears but if I leave my editing screen and go back in it has gone again. Oddly, I can add new facts to my (living) sister and her age shows OK.


I have removed by date of birth and then put it back. The same thing happens. I have toggled Primary too; nothing seems to work.


PS. If I export a Gedcom of myself only and import it again to a new RM file, the problem persists in the new file.

In Topic: To-do list printing

07 August 2018 - 04:05 AM

Confirming this is on the development list. 


If there is a Wish List somewhere, might it be possible to have the facility to click through from the To Do task to the person to whom the task applies?

In Topic: Search and replace

01 August 2018 - 10:27 AM

The answer is to back out to the parent Place, use the PRINT button there, edit that list outside Rootsmagic to eventually give you the simple report you wanted.



Another problem solved! Many thanks.