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In Topic: GEDCOM: how to transfer ancestry.com tree?

24 January 2015 - 01:21 PM

as Tom said in msg#7;

"On Ancestry, maybe you will have to right-click on the "Download your GEDCOM file" button when it appears rather than left-click. Then from the popup menu select "Save link (or target) as..." and be sure that the filename includes the .ged extension."


That does work and gives the .ged extension on the downloaded GEDCOM.  So it should work. I guess the OP has some other problem.


I'll delete my posts abaove...thanks,

In Topic: GEDCOM: how to transfer ancestry.com tree?

24 January 2015 - 12:19 PM

FYI,too... I right-clicked and selected open with... browsed to gedcom validator and opened it with that. here's the log;


GEDCOM Validator log

W02 Line: 1 Tag 'SUBM' is mandatory under tag 'HEAD'.‎
W04 Line: 2 'UTF-8' is not a valid <CHARACTER_SET>.‎
W13 Line: 3 Data for tag 'SOUR' exceeds the maximum length of 20 characters.‎
I03 Line: 47 Valid user defined tag '_FREL'.‎



Hope this helps, you can just purge this after you've looked at it, or tell me and I'll delete it.

In Topic: GEDCOM: how to transfer ancestry.com tree?

24 January 2015 - 12:02 PM

And you are waiting for this button to appear on the Ancestry page?


Follow the tip and right-click on the button, then choose "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." to control the name and destination of the GEDCOM file.


Note that all of your respondents agree that this is not a RootsMagic issue. It might be nice if RootsMagic did as PAF and Ancestral Quest did on installation and tell Windows to associate .ged GEDCOM files with it. However, that would only save a few keystrokes per import and, in the overall long list of wished for enhancements, would receive a very low number of votes in a survey of what is needed most.  

TOM, FYI.. I just tried a download of a new tree that I just created on Ancestry.

The file downloaded without any file extension at all

Windows identifies it simply as "file"

I opened it by sending it to VIM

here's what vim shows;

1 SOUR Ancestry.com Family Trees
2 VERS (2010.3)
2 NAME Ancestry.com Family Trees
2 CORP Ancestry.com
2 VERS 5.5
0 @P1@ INDI
2 DATE 19 Mar 1878
2 PLAC Prince Edward Island, Canada
2 DATE 28 Jul 1968
2 PLAC Marion, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
1 NAME Bismark /Ladner/
1 FAMC @F2@
1 FAMS @F1@
0 @P2@ INDI
2 DATE 23 Sep 1834
2 PLAC Prince Edward Island, Canada
2 DATE 16 Oct 1908
2 PLAC Prince Edward Island, Canada
1 NAME John /Ladner/
1 FAMS @F2@
0 @P3@ INDI
2 DATE 1882
2 PLAC Massachusetts, USA
2 DATE 1952
2 PLAC Massachusetts, USA
1 NAME Susan A. /Dexter/
1 FAMS @F1@
0 @F1@ FAM
1 HUSB @P1@
1 WIFE @P3@
0 @F2@ FAM
1 HUSB @P2@
1 CHIL @P1@
2 _FREL Natural


I cannot show what the windows properties list shows, but the file type is "file", and it has no extension at all

In Topic: Somewhat new, looking for advice on Rootsmagic software

23 January 2015 - 05:30 PM

My suggestion would be to concentrate on sources, citations and documentation features. You need to decide, early on, what sort of source citations you plan to use. It's a real pain to change them after the fact.


Can you elaborate a little on what you mean, or point me in the right direction to find out?

I've been kind of wildly exploring and hap-hazardly downloading a great deal of info...

I got so caught-up with the excitement of finding, and seeking, I never even thought of anything else.


Now, I'm left sitting here with a bunch of stuff that I'm going to have to sort and organize and attach to the proper person/place!!


Is there any good advice out there for an impatient, disorganized fool???  LOL!! sorry :(

In Topic: GEDCOM: how to transfer ancestry.com tree?

23 January 2015 - 05:08 PM

I might add, that a GEDCOM, is just a text file...so it may appear as just an "ordinary file".


In windows if you "right-click" on the file name and select 'properties' you should see...


GEDCOM file (.ged)


...where it says "type of file".



when you've found the right place to download the Gedcom, you should see the text below and the "green export tree button"



Manage your tree


Export your family tree data, as a GEDCOM file, to your computer.

<Export tree-button>