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Missing Screen Display

19 May 2020 - 09:29 PM



I had purchasd a new computer nine months ago as I was having problems with RM7, went good for a few weeks than I posted on this forum for help for about a month and there was no solution.


Had a warranty claim on the new computer and the hard drive was replaced. 


Reformatted and set up the old computer to run windows 7 and continued using it. Several months later after the new hard dirve was installed decided to try the new computer again. After a while the same issues have reoccured, contacted Dell again they do not know why I am having problems, will replace the mother board under warranty in the next few weeks as a precautionary matter.


Have only been using the old windows 7 computer for a few hours this morning and one of the issues is reoccuring already.


The display field for the individual does not show the just entered data.


I have a screen grab of this if it can be posted?


It is becoming increasingly frustrating as there has been issues for several years know.