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Is there a convention for missing forenames?

03 September 2019 - 04:11 AM

If I am aware that a couple have for example three sons  but I don't know their names, I usually write son1, son2, son3 as their names.

Data cleaning doesn't seem to like that.

Is there a convention amongst genealogists for entering an unknown forename - or should it just be left blank?


RM7 falls over when using Treeshare

15 October 2018 - 04:34 PM

I am running RM7 on Win 10 - latest version of everything. Database has just over 1000 entries.

I create a GEDCOM file and then upload it to Ancestry along with all media.

That works fine.

I select a person in RM7 and add a single new media file.

I go into Treeshare and it doesn't immediately show that the person has changed.(i.e. a new media file added)

In Treeshare I select all entries and then select the person with the added media file.

Under general info it says there's an additional media item.


It says it's uploading the new image and a green bar on the screen goes quickly to indicate 100%

Now, within a few seconds this green bar changes to show 200% !!!

It hangs in that situation and I try to cancel it. It says it is still processing. I wait a few minutes and then opt to abort it.

RM7 falls over with address exceptions.

I have run all the database tools and they show everything is clean.

It's not a huge problem but I would initially like to understand why the Treeshare facility does not recognise that I have added a new media.

And then of course I wonder about the 200% message.

Any comments appreciated.