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Basic question about image thumbnails and Ancestry

Today, 07:23 AM

It looks to me like RM holds image thumbnails in its database. I know the image files are external.

If I export the database to a Gedcom file and then upload that to Ancestry, is it possible to make those thumbnails visible in Ancestry?


Linking multiple people to an image - how to?

01 December 2020 - 03:32 PM

I strongly suspect (and apologise!) that this topic has been raised previously, but I have failed to find an answer.

I add an image to a person. The image contains many people.

I want to add the same image to all those people.

From what I can read it appears that I must add the image to each person separately.

A very tedious process.

I would like to be presented with a list of all persons and just tick those in the photo.

I thought perhaps there might be an SQL program to achieve this but I can find nothing.

Or perhaps I am missing something?


CPU Loop when adding an image from a scanner

30 November 2020 - 08:16 AM

I want to add a new picture to a person.

I go to ADD NEW MEDIA and then select Media Location SCAN

RM opens a box saying Acquiring image...

It stays like that in a high CPU usage loop. Unable to cancel or exit.

Have to use Task Manager and End task to be able to resume work.

Latest version of RM7 being used and Windows 10 with all updates applied.

Same thing happens if I first click "Select Scanner" rather than first select "SCAN".


RootsMagic 8 Release Date

20 June 2020 - 11:11 AM

I raise this topic gently, quietly and respectfully.

It seems a long time since I paid to be able to upgrade to RM8.

I recall all those great videos telling me what I could look forward to. And do look forward to.

I am aware that software development is a hazardous occupation.

Then, silence.

Have I missed something? If so, my apologies.

If not, why are we not at least receiving some communication about progress?

If there is some serious issue causing delay, fine, but tell us, please.


How to omit record numbers from a Wall Chart?

18 April 2020 - 05:06 PM

I feel this must have been asked and discussed previously, but I can find no references.

If so, apologies in advance.

I am creating simple Descendant wall charts and I don't want the record numbers to appear after the names.

Is it possible to turn this off?