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In Topic: RM7 falls over when using Treeshare

17 October 2018 - 02:53 PM

Hi there. Apologies again for any confusion caused.

I logged into Ancestry and created a new tree based on an upload of a GEDCOM file created by RM.

I also uploaded all the media files to Ancestry.

I then added a  new media file (.jpg) to a person in RM.

I then clicked on the Treeshare button in RM to confirm if there was now a recognized difference between RM and Ancestry.

It indicated there were no differences,.

I then selected the person in RM to whom the new media file had been added.

Under the General Information heading it showed that there was indeed a new media file added in RM.

I clicked on the General Info to select the additional media file.

I clicked on ACCEPT CHANGES and then watched as the media file uploaded to 100%.

As per my earlier ISSUES post, the 100% then changed to 200% and remained so.

I waited some minutes.

I then cancelled out of this "200% indication" and RM fell over with an address exception.



Just to explain - my objective is to keep my master tree on RM on my PC.

I want the copy of my tree on Ancestry to be kept up to date with RM.

I find that if I make several updates to RM, the facility to sync with Ancestry is so cumbersome that it is easier to delete the Ancestry tree and upload a new GEDCOM from RM.


In Topic: RM7 falls over when using Treeshare

16 October 2018 - 10:11 AM

Indeed, Jerry, I misspoke.

I did of course upload the GEDCOM and media using Ancestry software. Mea Culpa!

As for my other comments, I was under the stupid misapprehension that the Treeshare software was part of RM.

I now know to the contrary.

I assume therefore any questions about not recognising that new media has been added in RM are issues for Ancestry.

The Magic Guide (thank you kbens0n) may shed light on this.

The fact that RM fell over with an addressing exception may also be due to idiosyncrasies in the Ancestry API.

I withdraw in embarrassment  :)


In Topic: Location of .rmgc file in Android App?

01 August 2018 - 04:04 AM

Having reviewed several inconclusive threads on this subject, it would appear that the answer is a closely guarded secret.

So I have reluctantly waded thru' the Dropbox quagmire and emerged dishevelled on the other side.

It works - but at what a cost!!

Perhaps Dropbox fund some RM development? 


In Topic: Ancestry Treeshare Question

08 May 2018 - 08:23 AM

Thank you Gerry.

In Topic: TreeShare Disconnected

22 December 2017 - 12:50 PM

Thanks Tom.

I regret to say that my SQL database editing capabilities are far too fragile to go messing with my main database.

While I would relish the challenge, the risk level is too high for my cautious attitude in these matters :) 

I think I will delete the tree in Ancestry and then upload my current database again.

I can live with a repeat of Hints.

Take care