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wall chart print problem

30 October 2013 - 11:30 PM

We have Rootsmagic 5 and are very happy with it but, when it comes time to print out a descendant wall chart for seven generations the family groups get joined together. This for people that don't know the history is totally confusing. For instance: the generation line may have a Smith child and linked to that same line is a Brown member plus several other names from the same generation. Is there a way of keeping family groups together when doing a large tree? The tree I'm talking about calculated from the program will be nearly 47 metres long. Getting this printed is no problem, but a total waste of time because of how confusing the entries become.
Can someone advise us of a different program that will accommodate so much information or how to solve this problem with Rootsmagic.
Any assistance will be gratefully appreciated. Greg and Marg.Barnett Tasmania. Australia