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Pie chart on Family Search tab does not populate

12 October 2013 - 12:17 PM

I'm really new to Roots Magic, so I apologize if this question has already been answered elsewhere. I'm trying to do the pretty standard task of importing 15 generations from my Family Search account so I can prepare names from the Temple. Normally when you do this there's a handy little pie chart that divides the names into those that are "Ready", "Reserves/In Progress", "Need More Information", etc. Of course doing a run that goes back 15 generations takes some time, so I did a test run first and stopped it mid-way. The pie chart populated correctly and it had all of my names organized into the previously mentioned categories.

A couple of days ago I tried to do the real deal where I went back 15 generations, about 20,000 names into it the computer went into sleep mode (I had kept it plugged in up until that point, but once I unplugged it and left it unattended it went to sleep). Art that point the search timed out indefinitely I had to bring up Windows' task manager and forcefully exit the program. I loaded the file and on the Family History tab it has a picture of the pie chart and next this it says "Unmatched 0", "Matched 22,093". However the pie chart is all blue and not divided into the nice colorful categories it usually is. What's more, now when I open up my earlier files (which had previously been neatly sorted out into different categories on the pie chart), the pie chart is plain blue and results aren't sorted either.

Could anyone please tell me if possible what caused the sorted files to become unsorted, but more importantly is there a way to get them sorted again or do I have to do the entire run all over again? It has the names they're just not organized like they should be. It took me almost 3 continuous days of running the program to do that last run.