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In Topic: wall chart person colors

03 November 2017 - 02:58 PM

Same settings in RM 6 & 7.

Color code your database first using Tools>Color Code People.

Select the color and the option "People selected from a list"

Click OK

Click Mark Group > Select people by data fields

Filter: Sex - is male (is female) depending on your color choice.

Click OK until its done


Select the option in the Wall Chart settings to "Print color coding"


I have now done this and the sexes are in right color within the database, but when i create the wall chart with the colors set to boxes=white and the text left as is, the chart appears with the boxes colored red & blue as per the sex, but the name text is in black or whatever or it is set to, not red and blue.   I would like the sex colors on a white box in the chart not just the database, but its not happening!   The names look fine in the database.

what else do i have to do?