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Import from FamilySearch - I would LOVE a progress indicator!

14 February 2017 - 10:42 AM

I attended Mike Booth's session at RootsTech 2017 showing how to import from FamilySearch, so I created a new data file to give it a try. Being a software development guy myself, I wanted to see what it could do, so I queued up 99 generations (I know, nobody has 99 generations, but I figured that would pull everything FamilySearch had), and let it rip. The first time I tried it, we lost power in the hotel in the middle of the night, knocking out the wifi, and everything just hung.  Couldn't cancel, couldn't exit, had to kill it in task manager.  OK, RM needs better error handling, but how often do you lose power (and wifi)?


Reported this to Mike at the booth, and tried again when I got home. It refused to import into the same data file. I had to delete that data file and recreate it to try again. I'm guessing the import doesn't write to the data file directly as it receives data from the FamilySearch API, and so something wasn't cleaned up properly when I had to kill the task. RM probably should better handle in-progress imports better so that they can resume if interrupted, but OK, I killed the process... that one is on me.


Now on my third attempt, and RM is chugging away.  Took about 24 hours to climb 20+ generations, almost 30,000 people, and 27,000+ families, but all was well.  I could see the names clicking away as the API returned them to RM, and I could tell it was making progress.  Now I am into day 3, and nothing has changed on the dialog for the past 2 days.  I know RM is doing something, because when I flip to task manager it is consuming 25% of my CPU cycles, but from all outward appearances, it looks hung.


I'm going to let it sit and see if it finishes, but how about a progress indicator, please?!?!?! I understand you can't provide one while you are making the API calls to FamilySearch to import the people, cause you likely don't know how big the tree is and FamilySearch only returns a limited amount of data at a time, but once you know there are 29,723 people and the lines have all ended, you should be able to provide a progress indicator counting down each of those 29,723 people as you write them to the data file, link them to their parents, or whatever else you may be doing that is eating up 25% of my CPU cycles. You warned me that this might take a long time before I started... I'm OK with that, but good UI design always calls for a progress indicator of some sort if the process is not going to finish quickly.

WebHints Help

13 May 2016 - 03:15 PM



Does anybody know of a way in RM to eliminate WebHints from our own trees on the subscription sites?  I may be missing something but I can't find a reference to this anywhere in the help and FAQ.




Michael Lafond