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Since RootsMagic update none of Tasks to Do or What's New lists will load.

07 December 2013 - 10:33 AM

Since the new RootsMagic update I cannot get my 'are not matched' 'people in this file need more information' 'people in this file are ready' 'What's New' or any 'Status' list to load. Is this due to the recent FS problems which the technicians are attempting to solve or a problem at your/my end?

SEX field

30 August 2013 - 02:44 AM

Many users of RootsMagic users are elderly individuals who may have deficient eyesight and restricted hand movements.
The ‘Add Person’ window contains an area, where wrongly clicked information, necessitates duplicate work to be performed by L.D.S. patrons...this is the ‘SEX’ field.
This field is not large; and once clicked lists the Male, Female & Unknown options underneath each other, commencing writing on the left-hand side; leaving plenty of room on the right side blank.
I am suggesting that you utilize all of the space by colouring the top two thirds (currently covered by the words Male and Female into equally sized blocks...
  • A blue left half with a black ‘M’ in the middle to represent Male.
  • A pink right half with a black F in the middle to represent Female.
  • The completed section now using the space to show ‘Unknown’ can be coloured yellow, or left as it is.

These larger, easily seen areas would be a lot easier to click on using hands that tend to shake a little.

Hoping that your programme writers will consider this option.

Angela Hardy R.G.N.