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In Topic: SQLite Error 5 - database is locked

25 March 2014 - 02:11 AM

I recently created a GEDCOM file in RootsMagic Ver. containing 950 individuals to transfer info. from my pc to a friends via a Flash Drive. When attempting to import I got SQLite Error 6 which translates to...
SQLITE_LOCKED 6 /* A table in the database is locked */
I managed the transfer using a hastily copied 'back-up onto the same Flash Drive,' but wonder why this happened?

OS Windows 7
Roots Magic Data Base Tools show no problems.
No DLL errors showing on maintenance scan.

In Topic: Since RootsMagic update none of Tasks to Do or What's New lists w...

10 December 2013 - 06:37 AM

Yes Renee, I can log in and can bring the 'TaskPanel' screen up. All tabs bring up the correct screen but no lists load when I attempt to open them . I've already tried re-booting, defragmenting, clearing out temporary internet files and cookies, applying all Database tool options; program integrity is o.k., moving my file into a clean file, checked to see if several other peoples' files, that I have on my pc still work; but they don't.
I guess I will have to clean off RootsMagic 6 from my pc, download the free version, enter my registration number to upgrade to the full version, and GEDCOM in my file and see if that sorts the problem.

In Topic: Since RootsMagic update none of Tasks to Do or What's New lists w...

09 December 2013 - 12:39 AM

Sorry Renee, being new to this, I posted this topic under RootsMagic 6 instead of under FamilySearch Family Tree; and as I'm desperate for a solution have re-submitted...hope this is o.k.

Since the new RootsMagic update I cannot get my 'are not matched' 'people in this file need more information' 'people in this file are ready' 'What's New' or any 'Status' list to load. Is this due to the recent FS problems which the technicians are attempting to solve or a problem at your/my end?
FamilySearch Central hyperlinks are not working.

In Topic: SEX field

05 September 2013 - 01:20 AM

I never thought of the colour blind Renee...the red/green or blue/yellow forms of colour blindness would have to be guided by the black letter 'M' or 'F' or Unknown. The contractions of 'M' or 'F' in a gender field being standard for male or female. The benefit, to my suggestion, would be being able to click anywhere on a shorter, fatter, coloured box easier than the current, longer, thinner option...in fact, I have just looked at the maximum area currently allocated to the 'sex field' and find it will still be possible to write in the complete words 'Male,' 'Female' in the shorter, fatter, coloured boxes suggested.
I guess we are all trying to create something that will be suitable for every individual, with their unique set of problems to overcome. All in all, I think RootsMagic do a wonderful job.
Thank you for your consideration regarding my suggestion.

In Topic: SEX field

30 August 2013 - 09:33 AM

But they wouldn't be little blocks if you use the whole of the available rectangle to form the blocks; and tired hands get sick of having to make several moves to get where you want to be. My suggestion would be a lot easier on the eyes too.