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RootsMagic7 - new database - odd behavior and crash

23 February 2019 - 11:52 AM

I moved my Legacy database to RootsMagic 7 by creating a basic GEDCOM, containing only vitals, and imported into a new database in RootsMagic 7. I did some color coding of direct lines, looked at a couple of reports, and changed the font for the report. I can't remember if I was actually previewing the report or had closed it but RootsMagic just became blank and then closed on it's own. Now it doesn't show me the recently created database when I open the program. I can find the database using windows explorer:


Basic GEDCOM fr Legacy 2-23-2019.rmgc


but RootsMagic won't open this file. It doesn't even display it as a database file from within RootsMagic.


Just thought I'd mention this as I don't know what might have triggered the behavior nor why the database won't re open in RootsMagic. The GEDCOM imported and database created as I expected. I moved about in this new database, trying the options mentioned above; color coding of direct lines and change of report fonts. New Font choice was Calibri 11 pt., a font I use a lot in word processing and genealogy reports of various genealogy programs.


I have other, more full content RootsMagic databases I've created using recent Legacy database GEDCOMs, with no problems experienced, so don't think it is a problem with the GEDCOM creation. The only thing I haven't done is to shut down my computer and restart. Will report back if this makes a difference and allows me to re open this database file.


I am using windows 7Pro, plenty of free disk space, etc.