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In Topic: RootsMagic7 - new database - odd behavior and crash

23 February 2019 - 02:48 PM

No, I did not. I don't use RM as my primary genealogy program so it isn't something I do with the RM database files.


However, I am happy to report that with a restart of the computer, I was able to open the newly created RM database in RM. The few changes I had made were in place and the database appears to be fine. So, whatever the glitch was that caused RM to shut down abruptly and unable to open the newly created database, restarting the computer cleared it.


Thank you for your interest and comment.



In Topic: Opinions Requested Legacy 9 DLX vs Roots Magic 7

20 February 2019 - 09:22 AM

I own four current genealogy programs plus other programs that are no longer being developed. My suggestion would be to figure out what is most important to you for your research. No one genealogy program can do everything.


I migrated from Family Origins many years ago to Legacy Family Tree. The reason: I wanted to use photos in my reports and I didn't like the way the photos were placed in the FO reports. I wrote Bruce about my concerns and he didn't seem to agree. He has continued, with this new genealogy program, to place the photos on the left in the reports, which really messes up the report formatting. I like to include photos in the body of the report text, not just a photo for the individual I prefer the Legacy report formatting, with the photos inserted to the right, allowing for the report formatting to be maintained. For me, my decision to change was that simple. For data input, they all work well. Display of data on screen is, again, a personal preference.


Of course, Legacy is much more robust than when I first migrated to it. There are many features I now use that are very helpful to me and to how I work. There are Legacy features other users feel they couldn't do without that I never use. It would be unfair of me to compare any of these features to RootsMagic7 because I don't use RootsMagic7 for data input and work. RootsMagic may be able to do many things Legacy does but until you know what you want to do and how you want to use your data (then ask specific questions to long time users of each program), I don't know that any of our comments will be too helpful.


The one thing I know RootsMagic supports that Legacy does not is the use of Unicode. It is on the wish list but to date, Legacy does not support it.


Ask users of both programs to prepare and send you report and chart examples, if those are important, so you can compare. Otherwise, ask specific questions and I'm sure you'll receive helpful replies.


Good luck with your decision.