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Preferred Photo and Family Photo Question

10 January 2014 - 01:15 AM


How do you set the "Preferred Photo" for a person?
How do you set the "Family Photo" to display on the family group sheet?

I am using Roots Magic 6 and cannot figure out how to change the photo displayed for a person. The Help documention mentions a "Preferred Photo" but I can't find where to set which photo is "preferred."

I also can't figure out how to set a "Family Photo." When I print a family group sheet I can check a box labeled Family Photo at Top of Page but where do I tell RM which photo to use as the Family Photo? I found a post regarding RM5 that suggested adding a photo to the spouse, but that didn't work. Here is what I tried:

From the Edit Person Page:
Click on the blank space in the column with the camera next to Spouse
Click Add from Gallery
Click on the photo desired to put a red rectangle around it
Click Select
Click OK

No green checkmark appears by the spouse so I guess I am doing something wrong.

Thank you for helping me.