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photos show with "X"

01 January 2013 - 10:37 AM

Purchased 2 copies of Family Roots. Daughter and I share working on the database. We use one hard drive attached to our wireless Router.

On her computer it is "Drive M", on mine "Drive Z". If she adds a photo, it shows on my computer with an "X" on it. Same for her if I add a photo.

How can we both work on the database (at different times) and both see the same data without the x's ??

Will it work if we change the drive letter of one to match the other ?

Photos - How to name them

25 November 2012 - 08:12 AM

I'm new to Roots Magic. Wondering if there is a preferred method to identify attached photos.

Should just the name be used - last name first, or the number assigned by RM ? Just getting ready to begin and have hundreds of photos, so would like to do it right the first time.

I understand RM will probably work with either, but is there a best way for me ?