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Publish Online missing all names on name index

23 March 2018 - 08:12 PM

After using Publish online under an up to date version 7,  The resulting online tree at http://sites.rootsma...03-14/index.php displays a correct home page and a name index page.  However selecting a start letter or using the search box on the name index page fails to display any names or an error message.  Hovering over each letter indicates the number of names that start with that letter so I know the data is there.  I tried Chrome and IE with the same problem.  I checked Chrome setting to make sure javascript was allowed and it was.  I waited a day after upload and time did not change the inability to render actual names.


Also, clicking on the pedigree chart, I get a pedigree chart with 7 individuals all marked living and although it does allow navigation to other pages, all individuals are marked living so there is no way to tell who's who. The initial pedigree chart makes no sense whatsoever.  There are no living people in this tree.  If the starting pedigree chart is based on the root person, the chart does not match the pedigree of the root person.


I then tried to create a local website and browsed it locally with chrome.  Again, no individual names were visible no matter what screens were viewed or actions to find people were taken. 


Any ideas?  This worked before about 15 months ago but I have added hundreds more individuals since then.  If there is a size limit, it is not detected or RM does not produce an error message.  I deleted my old RM online tree but that had no effect.   The same tree was exported to a GEDCOM and uploaded to Ancestry without any problems.  My best guess is a javascript rendering error.