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In Topic: Publish Online missing all names on name index

31 March 2018 - 09:35 PM



Your Solution worked. Thanks for the help.   I was able to create an extract of just dead people in another RM 7 file.     I used the Drag and Drop popup dialog to select all dead people without having to click on  a couple thousand names.  Drag and Drop did not work before because I was dragging to a random point in the window of a new file.  I did not realize that I had to drag to a specific individual on the window of the receiving file.  The task at hand was a mass copy and had nothing to to do with individuals so I was not intuitive to have to drag and drop from specific names.  But it works.  

In Topic: Publish Online missing all names on name index

30 March 2018 - 06:24 AM

Thanks Renee, Jerry, and Tom.


I tried drag and drop. For the purpose of uploading basic facts for dead people to an online tree, I do not think the limitations noted would  be a major obstacle on a small tree.  I have a couple thousand dead people in my tree.  I can hide the living people easy enough to prepare for a drag and drop on my screen.  The problem I ran into is selecting so many people at once.  CTRL-A ( to select all people on either the index side of the screen or the main panel of People View) does not work in RM 7.  I have a group called "dead" but that is also not a dragabble object.   If any one has any ideas on how to select a huge group of people without having to select each person, that would be great.  I did view the tutorial and see how you can select a tree of people, but I probably have a hundred mini-trees that do not connect to one another.


Perhaps a better way to do this is to copy a whole RM 7 file to another whole RM 7 file and then delete the living people and then upload to the RM publishing website.  

In Topic: Publish Online missing all names on name index

28 March 2018 - 11:03 AM



I checked the RM 7 file and you were correct that all the individuals had the living flag on.   I correct the living flag and reuploaded my file and now I see all the individuals.  I think I know how it happened.


In order to insure my upload was all dead people only and to have a snapshop RM 7 file of what I uploaded, I wanted to create a RM file with only dead people.  I did not see a way to direct way under the file menu to make a copy of a RM 7 file with just the selected dead individuals.  I did see that under GEDCOM export, you CAN extract a subset of individuals.  I created a temporary GEDCOM file with just dead people and used it to create a new RM7 file with just dead people. This is what I uploaded.  What I did not realize is that by using GEDCOM as an intermediary to get the selective extract I wanted, I was losing the RM-specific living flag.  When the GEDCOM was  used to create the new RM 7 file, it used the default setting of LIVINGFLAG=TRUE and "resurrected" all my dead people so my tree had no one dead to display. 


Is there some way to copy just selected individuals or groups directly from one RM7 file to another RM7 file without having to create a GEDCOM file as a middleman?  I see the copy option under the fle menu, but you only get to name the new file..  There is no dialog to specify what to copy.  It copies a whole file only.