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changing search engines for family search

12 March 2018 - 10:54 AM

I use a laptop from 2013 that came with win7 in it. When win10 came out I upgraded. I use Foxfire as my browser and search engine. Now the problem, when I go to use family search, a message pops up that says,


"You are currently using Internet Explorer 11. Starting on February 1, 2018, many features will no longer work on your current browser. You will need to upgrade to a more current browser to continue to enjoy all of the features of FamilySearch.org. Read instructions on how to install a new browser."


When I click on instructions it gives me this,


Your web browser is not supported.

In order to use all of the features on FamilySearch.org, we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or switch to a different browser. A list of the web browsers that we support can be found here.

Just click on an icon to get to the download page for that particular browser.

If you do not want to upgrade to a better browser, you can select one of these options:

I want to use my current web browser, knowing that many of the features won't work.

I want to try the reduced functionality version of FamilySearch at lite.fs.org.


These are downloads which I already have on my computer, so how come family search isn't picking up one of these or is there a way for me to change it. I have clicked on "I want to use my current web browser but working. I have looked in my program files for internet explorer so I could delete it but it is nonexistent. I did try the  ite.fs.org.hoping it would give me an option but it was non relevant. Thank you



1 great grandparent = 2 sets of grandparents

04 February 2018 - 11:26 AM

My wife and I are both New Englanders and both go back to the same great grandparents back in 1589, (11generation) it splits with 2 of their sons, 10th generation) that was a big surprise in and of itself. Now I find that a sibling sister (10th generation)of these 2 sons married into a family that in 3 or 4 generation later joins my family again so when I look at my tree with the original great grandparents one I see 2 sets of great grand parents for me and 1 set for my wife. Is this possible? or am I in for a redo.