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RM4 Essentials - Data Not Added To Family Tree

18 September 2012 - 04:56 AM

When attempting to add 'some' data to the tree by selecting edit person then imputting the data onto the 'edit person' menu it saves to that menu but after closing the menu it fails to save that data for that person on the tree. for example I selected 'edit person' and added a marriage record, saved it, closed the edit person menu and it saved to the tree. In trying to add the birth/baptism records for the two people in the marriage record, and using the same method, the data was saved on the 'edit person' menu but failed to save to the tree. In going back into the 'edit person' menu both birth/baptism records were visible for each person. I tried deleting each of the two records and then re-saving them but without success. This is the first time I've had a problem with the process since downloading the software a couple of weeks ago. Can anyone offer any advice on how to remedy the problem.