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The difference between Tag Media and Share Media

01 December 2012 - 04:52 PM

I have found that when I use tag media to share media files they appear as part of a Media Album for the person. I believe this is correct operation of the software but it causes a problem in that these are tagged in a global Media Album and not a Media Album specific to an event. Therefore at the top of the 'Edit person' you see all media files and not the picture of the person.

Take for example, a census record.
All the details are entered and the .jpg file is stored.
Using Tag Media, you tag the media to all the persons for that census fact but the software can also add the file link to the 'top right of the edit person file'. So you get two 'ticks'. One for the census fact and one in the top right for the person.

If you use Share Media. The event is only shared with the same event for the other persons. There is no files added to the 'top right of the edit person file'.

This appeared in V5 and may be V4 but it has taken a little while and a lot more use of Roots Magic to find where this occurs and why.

Perhaps this is correct operation but this 'feature' causes a problem when you print an Individual report and you have not entered a photo of the person.
When the report is prnted it shows one of the media file records.
( yes, you can untick the photo 'radio button' before generating the report).

I now use Share Media, although a longer process it only links the fact to those persons involved at that fact date. It does not add it to a Global Media file.

I look forward to your thoughts to see if there should be one global Media Album per person or whether it is better to have an individual media file for each fact.

I have changed the Roots Magic Master Source files to make it more UK biased. I now have Master Source file for all the England Census records and some births and some death records. I now need to go back and link my Master Sources to my familes. Before I go and do this I need to understand how best to tag the media files to the persons concerned.


Facts missing when updating to V5

19 August 2012 - 09:43 AM

I have just updated to V5 rootsmagic from V4. The only facts I see are Birth, Marriage, Death. Where are the ones I have added in V4

I had added census details from 1911, 1901, 1891, 1881, 1871, 1861, 1851 for some of my family members. Not sure how many I added but it was quite time consuming.
Also the facts that I used could be marked with an * so I could easily see the one that I had used last time. No * choice in V5.

I had linked the media to
C;\roots magic certificates\census 1901
C;\roots magic certificates\census 1901\person 1
C;\roots magic certificates\census 1901\person 2
C;\roots magic certificates\census 1911
C;\roots magic certificates\census 1911\person 1
C;\roots magic certificates\census 1911\person 2

Not sure how to go on from here now in V5 I have lost 'facts' and 'lost media'.