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Printing the caption and description of photos

22 April 2015 - 02:06 PM

When I print a book from Publisher, it doesn't include the caption and photo description that I entered in the media album for the person from "properties."  The caption and description doesn't get generated.  The photo is shown, and looks great.  But, no caption and description.  Is there a way to turn this on or off, so that it is included?



Another Sentence Template question

18 April 2015 - 01:34 PM

I really love the sentence templates!  The creators of RootsMagic were genius in giving the ability to control the narrative output, both generally and individually.


I am wondering if anyone has an idea of what to do with this situation.  For many people, they appeared in several censuses.  So, the narrative output reads like this (an example): 

John appeared in the 1850 census in Iowa.  John appeared in the 1860 census in Iowa.  John appeared in the 1870 census in Iowa.  John appeared in the 1880 census in Iowa.  John appeared in the 1890 census in Iowa.


This, of course, is a very tedious string of facts to read.  Is there a way to combine several facts into one narrative sentence so that it reads something like: 

John appeared in the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1890 censuses in Iowa.


I've looked at the Sentence Templates under "Help" in Rootsmagic, but I'm not seeing -- or not understanding -- anything that suggests this is possible.


Is there some switch or other combination of commands that can be used to combine several facts into one sentence?

Sentence Templates

17 April 2015 - 08:19 PM

I'm trying to edit a sentence template.  I made a new fact, "Immigration."  I want it to say that the person immigrated FROM <place> to <place>.  The system automatically inserts "AT" but I don't want the "AT" inserted automatically.  I can't find where to change it.


Here's the template:

<[person]> immigrated< [Date]> <[PlaceDetails]>.  The <place details> says "from Kent, England."  So, when the software generates the sentence, it says, "Elizabeth immigrated about 1630 at from Kent, England."  I didn't put an "at" in the template, but the system puts it there anyway.


So, my question is, how do I get rid of the automatic insertion of the article "at?"

On a similar topic, changing articles, I would love to change the automatic insertion of other articles from "in" changed to the article "to."


Is there a way to do this?


Is that about as clear as mud?  :wacko:



Publisher not generating RTF file

17 April 2015 - 12:11 AM

HI!  I just upgraded to 7.  I am delighted to see that RootsMagic no longer chokes on foreign characters when exporting files!  Thank you!


I am having a problem exporting a report from publisher when I try to "publish a book."  When I export (save) to RTF, it generates the first 7 pages, then it thinks it is done.  All the other pages are on the screen, but does not get generated when I choose RFT format to save the file ("report").


It also overwrites all the pedigree charts into one chart.  It doesn't make each new pedigree onto a new page.  So, if the screen shows 10 generations, for example, on 3 pages, then the RTF puts them all on the same page into an unreadable mess . . . like a page got stuck in a printer.


Is the RTF format a known problem?  Any idea why it isn't generating the full file or making such a mess of pedigree charts?


I need an output file that I can edit from a word processing program such as Open Source, MS Word, etc.The other available "save" formats really don't help me much.  A PDF is a pain to edit, even with the right software.  Text files strip all the pedigree charts and formatting.  HTML doesn't work well to print it out, only for internet or computer viewing.  So, I'd really like to get the RTF output working.


Thanks for your help!