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Are there any scripting hooks available for repeated tasks?

14 July 2012 - 11:36 AM

I have about a dozen Descendant List reports (html) that I generate for my private family website. If I make a modification to my database, I need to re-generate most or all of the reports. That is a PITA especially because I often forget to change the title to reflect the current report. I make the titles and the saved filename reflect the parameters used in the report.

To do it manually, I have to remember the various parameters I used for the different flavor of report (starting persion, #gen, spouse...). Some branches are big, so I like to also create subsets to keep the list smaller and more manageable. I also think I may like to generate a PDF as well as HTML in the future (so 24 reports). The PDF's print better, but the HTML's sometimes I will edit to add comments or bold some people or make other visual delimiters.

What would be nice is if next to the CREATE REPORT button, there was also a CREATE SCRIPT (or APPEND to existing SCRIPT)?

Is there some external way to accomplish this on the database itself? I'm not SQLlite-savvy, but I could probably learn, if that's the best hook mechanism.

p.s. searched Help but nothing found.
p.p.s. And I am just at the early stages of my database population so there will be lots of changes as I try to fill in the gaps over time.

maternal and paternal trees separate? a/k/a why are we here?

10 July 2012 - 09:44 AM

Question about maternal and paternal side of things.

Just getting started here and finished up entering basic Person Info for my mother's paternal side. My mother's father was one of 7 and we are now down to 7 generations from my great-grandfather, so its a huge list. Mostly I am using "Descendant list of great-grandfather" to view things. charts are much too unwieldy.

Now I am wondering about my mother's maternal side. It's much smaller, thankfully! If I enter those people, will they get picked up in the same Descendant List of Great-Grandfather? I would think not, but newbie here. Should I just do a separate tree for my mother's maternal side? Are the trees linked in any way? Can they be? Should they be? Is the focus of this whole thing Descendants of some-old-person or Ancestors of mine? Why am I doing this? Where am I?

Why are you doing this?

whats the time cutoff for forum posts to persist?

08 July 2012 - 06:03 PM

I am new to RM and just browsing forums to get acquainted. I saw the Family Reunion Organizer forum had 25 topics with the last one posted end or fall of 2011. When I opened the forum up it said no topics to view because they were past the time cutoff. Less than a year seems like a very narrow time cutoff. Forum searching is a great way to learn about a new product, but not if only recent messages exist.

Whats up?

Relationship question - unwed parents (newbie warning)

08 July 2012 - 12:41 PM

I am entering a family and having an issue with a child out of wedlock. Jane Doe had a son Billy Doe while unmarried. Father unknown (to me anyhow!). Later Jane Married Jim Smith (Jane (Doe) Smith)

So in a Descendant view it shows incorrectly:

Jane (Doe) Smith
+ Jim Smith m:
|__Billy Doe

Looks like Billy is son of Jim even though there is no such relationship entered.

I tried adding Father "unknown", but the report showed a "+", implying marriage, right? The Edit Person for Jane showed "unknown" as a spouse.

Jane (Doe) Smith
+ Jim Smith m:
+ unknown
|__ Billy Doe

The latter is a little better but it still seems wrong. Especially because "unknown" happened before Jim Smith.

If I put m: dates and b: dates will it help re-order it so Unknown/Billy Doe comes before Jim Smith?

Is there something else I should be doing? Looks like kids can only come from spouses.