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Parent Sealing information not copying over & an LDS fact wish item

29 August 2015 - 02:49 PM

When transferring ordinance dates from FS to RM the parent sealing information isn't copying across the screen from FS to RM.  The information does appear in the person's facts, but just doesn't show on the RM side of the FS ordinances tab screen.  It used to work just fine.


Also, a wish item.  It would be great if on the Edit Person screen the LDS ordinance facts were separated from the other facts by a blank or colored space.  It would also be nice if the facts appeared in the same order all the time: B, C, I, E, SP, SS.  Alphabetically LDS Bapt is before LDS Conf but they always appear swapped even when the dates are the same for both of them.