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In Topic: Parent Sealing information not copying over & an LDS fact wish item

31 August 2015 - 05:52 PM

All of my ordinances that I submit are initially marked in the Status field as "submitted".  All of the other ordinances copy over from FamilySearch just fine when I am on the FamilySearch Person Tools page at the Ordinances tab.  Only the Seal Parents doesn't show as copied on the screen.  It doesn't change at all when I click 'Copy to RootsMagic'.  It does, however, show up on the person's facts when I go back there.  I do not manually mark any facts as 'Primary'.


I know I can change the sorting of the LDS ordinance facts by altering the date in the Sort Date field, but I'd rather not have to do that manually for every name.  It would be nice if they sorted properly without having to make changes.  Yes, the LDS Facts button shows everything in the correct order, but I often use the Edit Person screen because when I copy dates over from FamilySearch I end up with duplicate fields for everything - one fact for each ordinance that I've marked as submitted and one fact for every ordinance that I've copied over from FamilySearch.  The clean up of the duplicates would be easier if they appeared in a specific order.


BTW I've been a user since the first version of Family Origins and have "sold" more copies of the programs than I can count over the years.