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Cannot view webinars

05 December 2013 - 09:21 PM

I'm on Windows 7, 64 bit.

I use Mozilla Firefox (version 26 beta 10) and also Google Chrome (version 33.0.1726.0) - I cannot see the video of the webinar in either of them although I can hear the audio. I have Adobe Flash (version installed.

On my Android tablet, in Chrome, I do see the rectangle (neither Firefox nor Chrome show the rectangle properly) but it says that the plugin is not supported.

I sent the URL to a friend that has IE installed on his computer and could see the video just fine there.

I'm fairly technical and can try pretty much anything (alas though, I can't put IE on this computer)

Newbie question about merging causing duplicate facts

05 December 2013 - 07:22 PM

I'm not sure how to even phrase the question so I don't know how to search the forum to see if it's already answered elesewhere.

I inherited all of moms genealogy research including her database of 9,000+ names (split on family lines into 4 spearate files). She was using Mac software and I have exported a GEDCOM And imported it and bee poking around. I have found several instances of where she was working on a small family grouping and left and came back to it later, only to essentially start over.

One such group is this...

Individual 1: "2_children" Record # 1522
Individual 2: "A. Page" Record # 1521 (father of #1522)

Individual 3: "2_children" Record # 182
Individual 4: "A. Page" Record # 181 (father of #182)

The second group has other connections into the larger gfamily tree and the first one does not. I've used the merge tool to first merge Individual 1522 into Individual 182 and then Individual 1521 into Individual 181.

In the pedigree view it looks right, but for Individual 3, there are sets of parents listed. One with a father and motther and the other with only a father. When I try to select that poiece of information and click the "delete fact" button, it says that only facts can be deleted.

When I look at the father and check descendants I see "2_children" listed twice (both under the same wife)

I ran the database tools thinking something got messed up. It gave no warnings and cleaned up nothing.

Mr Page does show as having two spouses, although the second one is unnamed and has no marriage. How do I delete a spouse? (the delete button I guess is telling me that this is not a fact and can't be deleted???)

So I think my question is this.
How do I delete a duplicate parent from a child?