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In Topic: DataClean Beta Feature

05 December 2013 - 07:45 PM

Just found this thread and now I'm busy cleaning the places in my inherited data. Love this feature!

Is there a way to add/edit the abbreviation list? I'm finding many cases of "Cem" or "Cem." that I want to expand to "Cemetery" everywhere. And "Gen Hosp" that I want to expand to "General Hospital"

Additionally it would be nice to be able to click a button and find which people will be affected by the change (a button next to both BEFORE and AFTER, since the AFTER version may match others that were origianlly correctly entered or fixed previously)

Edit: Now I'm trying out the name cleaner (didn't finish all the places, but wanted to try the other piece too)
I was doing a "fix everything" pass through and stopped after a while and only am fixing the "all uppercase" names now. It woudl be really nice to have a couple of buttons. "Ignore all like this" (which seeing an exact string match for the field would skip all matching ones) and a "Replace all like this".

Love this feature too!

Oh, found a bug in the misplaced nickname search.
"Sally"Sarah -> correctly finds "Sally" as the nickname, but it eats the leading S on Sarah and offers 'arah' as the name. (I am using verison

In Topic: Android App

09 November 2013 - 11:15 PM

An android app would be a nice compliement to the desktop version.

Will the first iteration be like the iOS versions in that it will be a reader only?

In theory "late summer" has already passed and it's not yet listed in the products page. Nor is it in the Android Pay Store. Per Renee's earlier suggesiton my email to be part of the beta is in the works.