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Adding Photo to MyRootsMagic tree... later

01 April 2019 - 06:54 PM

I have generated several websites using Internet>MyRootsMagic.  On one, I didn't attach a photo to display on the home page, as I did with the others.  Using the settings icon and walking through the settings, there is only the option to display the photo above or below the introduction, but no "upload picture" option.


Will I need to create generate another online tree?  I like the name I have for the one without the photo and know I may lose it if I delete it and start over.  (But if I delete then immediately regenerate a tree with the same name, I should be able to get the same name, if it is release immediately after I delete it.)


I searched but didn't find another forum entry for this.  Is there is, just point me there please.



Want to uncheck the Living box enmasse for those born before 1919

26 March 2019 - 05:24 PM

An incoming gedcom held birth dates but was often missing death dates for deceased ancestors.  So they have a check in the Living box. I'd like to uncheck the Living box for all who were born in or before 1919.  Is there a way to perform a mass update? 


Within the Group process, I can Mark all the Living, then create Find logic to identify those I need to change.  Using the Next button, they come up one at a time and can be changed using the Edit Individual button.  Then check the Living Box, click Save, Click Close. Rinse and repeat.


I was hoping there might be something with less clicks.