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RM crashing

17 June 2017 - 11:55 PM



As sister in our Ward, repeatedly gets an Access violation message when they try to match with Family Tree.  The message reads "Access violation at address 0147B308 in module 'RootsMagic.exe'. Read of address 00000714".  When this message occurs she has to close RM as it no longer has any functionality.


Apparently this has been happening since the last upgrade.


Can you please give some advice / help?


Thank you very much & best regards



Matching failure with Family Search

15 January 2017 - 12:59 PM



1st if this is the wrong place - please feel free to move it!


I hope you can help me, and give some advice.


Preamble: For my sins (and probably using Roots Magic) I am now called as the Wards Family History Consultant.  Together with the High Priest Group Leader it has been decided to try to get people working on their Family History and that Roots Magic is what we will recommend.  We will let people know that there are other programs - but help will be limited.



A member of our ward who is using the free version, has a slight problem when linking their records to Family Search.  After a day and a half of matching it quits, and then if they try to match manually - they get "SQLite Error 1 - near "?": Syntax error"


They have around 140,000 names in the database.


Can anyone please give any advice on:

a) What has caused these issues? (I suspect that about a 36 hours of constant matching the system throws the person out.)


B) How to avoid this?


Thank you very much for any assistance that can be provided.


Best regards


Automatic Sorting

15 August 2016 - 02:41 PM



It does not appear that there is an automatic sort of the birthdays of children, nor marriage dates of multiple wives.


It is useful to have the family group records sorted in this way.


Is it possible to have this as an option (probably separately) so those that wish can have families automatically?

Thanks very much and best regards