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How detailed are your facts

02 April 2017 - 02:40 PM

I was wondering just how detailed any one gets with their facts.  Not with ancestors but with yourself, children, or immediate family.  Let me explain.


For most of us, we know the most information about ourselves and immediate family.  I'm retired military so multiple residences and multiple schools for my kids creates multiple facts.  I also grew up moving around with my parents, so again multiple residences/multiple schools. 


Most of my ancestors, the information I have is birth, marriage, death, census', and a few residences.  But for myself, I have anywhere from 20-30 facts alone if I enter every residence, school, military assignment, birth, marriage, etc.  For my boys, I decided to create custom school facts - !K-8, !High School, and !College.  The residences are listed individually but I combined the schools attended into the custom school facts.


What I'm looking for, I guess, is how much information is too much or too detailed? Do you enter everything you possibly can? Of course, I know the answer is "enter everything and leave no stone unturned" but is it better to be detailed or maybe group some things together, like I did with the boys school information.  And, yes, I know it's whatever works for me, but I'd like to know what others are doing.


Thanks,  Kim



General Person Note as Research Log

01 July 2016 - 01:17 PM

I was just wondering if anyone else uses the General Note for a person as a type of research log or mini biography area?  RM is a fantastic program and the Research Log/To-Do/Research Notes Report are a great idea but, for the way my brain functions, it's a lot of steps to click through a lot of different areas to compare things.  


I've been watching a bunch of different YouTube videos and came across a few that Crista Cowan has done for Ancestry.com.  She shows how she utilizes the Person Note, in FTM, as a type of To-Do/Research Log.  She transcribes documents that she comes across for the person.  Every thing is dated in chronological order and easy to compare.  She does this before she actually enters the document as a source in the database so that she can compare it to other documents to make sure it is really for the correct person.


I understand how the Research Notes Report functions and I can basically do the same thing there but if it ends up not being for the correct person then it's some extra steps to delete the source, delete it from the person, etc....or leave it and note that it isn't the correct person, etc..  Also, in order to compare the information, you have to enter it, print the report to compare, then go in and delete what isn't right.  I know that fact notes can be used also but again you have to look at each one individually and it's a lot of clicking back and forth.


By putting it in the person note, as a sort of timeline, appeals to my need for seeing the visual all at once.  Plus I am able to save it as a .rtf file in word to create the written history and it's almost written for me, in a sense.  (Ok, there's a lot of cleaning up but at least I'm not starting from scratch)


Someone please tell me I haven't lost my mind and it's ok to use the program the way I need to use it.  Also, any other ideas are most welcome!!