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In Topic: What is this "re-write" I keep reading about?

08 December 2014 - 05:29 AM

Whilst a full re-write of Rootsmagic will, no doubt , be welcome particularly by those seeking a proper Mac-based version (and perhaps operational rather than simply read-only IOS and Android apps), I for one fervently hope that the developers will also take the opportunity to address a substantial number of the very many shortcomings and wish-list items that have apparently lain in some form of continual stasis within the Tracking System.


Although to do otherwise would doubtless attract additional new users, particularly those with Macs, it would add further to the frustration and disenchantment of current users that is so plainly evident elsewhere on this forum who are unlikely to be seduced into purchasing a brand new version of the same thing.

In Topic: How best to store "loose" notes

08 December 2014 - 05:05 AM

Tom's suggestions are, of course, very helpful in terms of plain text but unless I have misunderstood, although the text of a URL can be typed or pasted into any Note or To Do List, they are not recorded as 'hyperlinks'.  The WebTag feature does enable URLs to be associated with a person but 1) they are then not associated with any particular event (other than generally to a person, place or citation), and 2) are not included within a report (though I note that Cumberland was not wanting that in this instance).


I guess there must be a programming difficulty with incorporating an active URL or hyperlink into a Note field.  In my opinion, it would be a very valuable enhancement were it possible to do this - with the option of being able to apply 'privacy braces' where appropriate - not least since this would allow various media items and data held outside Rootsmagic to be accessible from reports and thereby overcoming the current inability to include more than one item in a report.

Geoff B

In Topic: Thanks, but no thanks

01 December 2014 - 04:54 PM

Interested to see a few additional features in RM7, which I'm sure will be of use to some users especially if they need help correcting errors they made inputting name and/or place data, or if they publish online with a competitor company.  A great shame, however, that once again many valuable improvements and fixes that have been requested have yet again been side-lined.  Probably pointless speculating about the reason for this.


I would hazard a guess that, by and large, those users of the Forum who take the time to highlight programming issues and contribute suggestions for enhancements are likely to have accumulated significant genealogical experience and often possess a reasonable technical appreciation of what can realistically be delivered.  Assuming this premise to be correct, it is all the more surprising that these suggestions are bypassed in favour of additions that it seems have not been asked for.


Our choices would seem to be to i) to sit tight in the hope that some of the very many 'tracked items' might eventually surface, or ii) to stop wasting our time (& that of the developers in reading them) and to look to alternatives.


I have added possible upgrade to RM& to my own 'tracked changes' and in the fullness of time, at some point in the future I might, perhaps, invest in the new version, if I get around to it and if I see anything that offers any improvement.

In Topic: Tracing individuals from A to Z through your database

10 November 2014 - 05:31 AM

Lynn,  in addition to Rootsmagic, I regularly use an app called 'MobileFamilyTree 7' on my Ipad (you need to import a Gedcom copy of your RM file).  This is a fully functioning genealogy database (rather than, as the RM app, display only) it is not free but quite inexpensive.  My experience is that includes many additional features missing from Rootsmagic which I use as my main program.  Included amongst these are some useful charting  and reporting options.  One which I think may help you the 'Kinship Chart' that produces a graphical tree that illustrates the connections between any two people in your file.  The charts and reports can, of course, be exported - say as PDF files - that can then be added as media items in RM.

In Topic: Ancestor narrative report question

08 October 2014 - 03:27 AM

Robert, your enquiry is a good one that serves to highlight an important omission from RM (an otherwise very good program I hasten to add). I and others have raised this issue previously – see my post at - http://forums.rootsm...reportswebsite/  and although it was then ‘in the tracking system’, two years down the line the situation is still the same.

You point out that Legacy does allow more than one media item to be included in a report though, from my somewhat limited use of that program, then that does not permit the sort of flexibility that is required and which is surely possible.
Others have indicated the availability of Scrapbook but this is very second-best and itself has big limitations as well as omitting some of the associated fields when printed. As you recognize, producing a report – as an rtf – and then editing-in any further images is not only hugely resource intensive but crucially destroys the validity of any report indexes and also means that you cannot save the revised report for incorporating into ‘Publisher’.

As a health warning holding your breath for an improvement seems like an unwise move….! But it doesn’t seem too difficult a problem – as an interim solution – for narrative reports to have the option to include links to associated media items