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In Topic: Sentence Syntax Help Please

12 August 2019 - 09:54 AM

I fully echo Jerry's enthusiasm for GedSite.  I have tried many times to use RM's built-in webite generators but - even with my (admittedly limited!) abilities with HTML - I have not found them capable of producing satisfactory results.  GedSite works very well with RM files and produces a range of different pages that can be customised to suit different needs.  The help facility gives useful assistance and guidance and there are a number of example sites to give a flavour of what can be done.  That said, many like me, will benefit from careful attention to that help and some experimentation to achieve the look you want.  I have found that this is the most satisfactory way to produce a readily usable (and easily update-able) output of your genealogical data (which can incorporate images and other media items) - either as a website or for distribution on a USB drive.


Perhaps RM8 will eventually incorporate similar functionality.  But, rather than reinvent the wheel, it would probably be better ensure  close compatibility between the two products.