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In Topic: printing multiple Family Group Sheets (or other reports)

06 December 2020 - 10:21 AM

I've run into two other problems with multiple family group sheets:

  1. When I select the families from a list, it adds as an extra family the first one in the selection list. No matter what I try to do to turn this off, it still adds this extra family in. (Uncheck box on "Select by Parents,": check box on "Clear By Parents."
  2. It would nice to be able to print family group sheets for people in a group. The group selection box doesn't seem to be available for this report. (Is that to discourage people from generating many group sheets in one report?) Being able to make a group of group sheets in a single report is a nice if you want to index them, by the way.

The work around is to create a book rather than a document with multiple family group sheets. It is similar in form but doesn't suffer from problem 1.