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Family Group Sheet

14 April 2012 - 12:26 PM

Perhaps I missed it when I searched the board, but I'm surprised not to see this request:

The Family Group Sheet does not provide as the default (or an option) for numbering of the children. The space that is usually used in traditional Family Group Sheets for this purpose is blank. When one is dealing with families of 10+ children, as I often do, it is helpful (bordering on necessary) to have the list numbered.

Problem Merging Sources

09 April 2012 - 10:42 PM

I merged a Free-form source into one constructed with the Basic Online Template. I didn't expect source details to transfer perfectly, but assumed they would transfer. They do seem to be hiding somewhere in the database, because when I print a Source List with Citation Details, the details are all visible. However, the details do not appear on the screen when I press the Source button for a fact, and they do not print properly in reports such as the Family Group Sheet and Narrative. Example:

*Visible on the screen (Citation Manager for Nancy Doe's death fact):

Footnote: "Missouri Death Certificates," digital images, Missouri State Archives, Missouri Digital Heritage (http://www.sos.mo.go...thcertificates/ : accessed )

*Source List Report with Citation Details:


DOE, Nancy (Death). certificate no. 32738 (1912), Nancy Doe, accessed 10 Sep 2010.

*As printed on the Family Group Sheet:

"Missouri Death Certificates," digital images, Missouri State Archives, Missouri Digital Heritage (http://www.sos.mo.go...thcertificates/ : [AccessType] [AccessDate]), [CitationDetail]

I assume this is a bug, and hope it can be fixed within a reasonable time period, as I now have many citations attached to this Master Source.

To Do List Report Settings

30 March 2012 - 01:12 PM

I'm not sure this is right the place to record this concern/request, but here goes:

It is irritating that, when accessing the To Do list for an individual, I cannot print directly from the list that is displayed onscreen. When clicking the Print button from that screen, it should default to the selected person/to do list. Instead, I have to reselect the person from the RM Explorer list. Way too many clicks are involved to print a To Do list.