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Unconnected families, same surname

02 November 2014 - 08:22 AM

Hello all,


My question is about the benefits and/or pitfalls to adding (so far) unconnected families of the same surname into my established database. I'd just about decided yes, to go ahead as it would be handy to keep all the info to hand, and then make the connections when I can substantiate them. But then..   are there any reasons not to do this, and are there best ways to go about it or anything to avoid that I haven't thought of?


For instance: I've got back into the 1700s on one line and have numerous instances of smaller family groups of the relevant surname, with perhaps two or three generations of proved links, living in the same general area, that I suspect probably are connected in some as yet undiscovered way to my tree. Should I add all these in too?