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a Plea

31 March 2017 - 03:01 PM



This is a plea to RootsMagic, please hurry up and get the Ancestry synch bit sorted out. For years I've struggled with FTM for it's link to Ancestry, now that link is broken and Mackiev want between £65,00 and £80.00 for a new version that will link to Ancestry. On top of that I was in the process of reinstalling all my computers when the ancestry link broke and I had done quite a few updates to my main local file and now FTM cannot open that file at all . :wub:. so a week's work lost.

It will be a cold day in h*** before I payout for a new copy of FTM which costs double the price of the old one with no guarantees that it will work.

So Please, please, please hurry up so that I can settle down to using a decent program for the little time I have left on the planet. :)




Links and Privacy

02 July 2016 - 08:35 AM



Although I have used RM at home for some years I was playing with it earlier this week after a long layoff due to illness and I love the way it's going, pulling in stuff, or should I say linking to stuff in My Heritage, Findmypast and FamilySearch - Magic, I can't wait for the Ancestry links.

However as the I'T person as our local society I have already been approached by a couple of members with concerns. Both use RM (don't know the versions but it appears that other people have linked to their RMs and found and published details of living family members without contacting the member. I would say that this is completely contrary to normal Genealogical practice so ho doers one prevent this happening.

The other issue that was raised is what do you do about these links when you are offline e.g passing research on to someone else who may not have a subscription for these sites. As I say I am one of the I.T. people for our society and was about to start recommending that we use RM as the tool for doing members research but how do we then pass the results on to the member.

The answers to these issues my exists elsewhere, in which case I apologise but at present I'm trying to sort out 7,609 member submitted ancestor charts!!!