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How to convert Free form sources to Census Source Templates

31 August 2012 - 11:16 AM

I am in the process of converting all my US Population Census records already entered using the RootsMagic Free Form formatted Templates to the RootsMagic Census source template, “Census, U.S. Federal (Online images)” which I have slightly modified – and I am a “Lumper”.

When I look at the Master Source List I see each of the free form census sources individually listed in the following manner - 1930 U. S. Federal Census, Wisconsin, Rock County, Beloit, pg 29B; 1930 U. S. Federal Census, Texas, Harrison County, Precinct 3, pg 5B, etc.

I have entered all of my 1940 census information using a COPY of the Master Source “Census, U. S. Federal, population, 1940” (slightly modified). None of these 1940 records are shown in the Master Source List like those in paragraph two above. I do show "Census, U. S. Federal, population, 1940" which is the way I have saved all of the 1940 census records.

Once I have converted each of the Free Form templated 1790 - 1930 census records to the Census Source Template “Census, U. S. Federal, population, xxxx”, how do I get rid of each of the old Free form census records so that they no longer show in the Master Source list?

If I just delete them from the Master Source List have I deleted the information that was in them from my database or is that information now safely stored under the new “Census, U. S. Federal, population, xxxx” format making it safe to delete the old information as shown in paragraph two from the Master Source List?

I am too much of a "newbie" to just do and see what happens!

Can't fix error on person screen

11 August 2012 - 12:04 PM

I have an incorrect address showing under details for the 1920 census for a person (shows the address as 5552? Avenue) but the column on the right called "Census, Place details" shows the correct address of 5552 Ellis Avenue. Shouldn't the incorrect one have changed to the corrected one when I made the correction - or at least changed to the corrected one after I signed out of RM?

More about "Living"

10 July 2012 - 08:11 AM

Back in Mar and Apr 2012 there was a short discussion about the use of "living" in RootsMagic 5 which seemed to indicate the switch was set to show a person w/o birth/death information as living. I have no problem with that. My database is full of those kinds of entries due to a couple of sizable imported GEDCOMs years ago when I was using another genealogy program and had LOTS less experience with genealogy.

I have some questions about what I think I can do to turn the "living" off for these people. Maybe I need to request Bruce to respond to this as well as I doubt any of us know the program as well as he does and I'm just learning the program - issue by issue.

For many of the people w/o the birth/death information I can make an informed decision as to whether they should be listed as dead by looking at information from people connecting to them. For these people I'd like to add a fact for death and use a false date of either the text "dead" or date of something like "8888". I was playing around with that late last night and the "8888" seems to work - I haven't tried "dead".

But I don't know whether doing this will foul up some other part of the program and/or reports/lists, etc., nor do I know what would happen if I were to send someone a GEDCDOM with this kind of information in it. OR, is there an easier/better way to do this?

Why do I want to do this? I'd like to clean up my database (about 16,000 individuals) as well as be able to run a report each year which would show me just the "living" people (which would include the ones who don't have birth/death information and for which I can't be sure are truly dead) in my database. The ultimate goal is to be able to update the "dead" each year by building a report that would tell me who was over 100 years old, the criteria I use to make that decision if I don't have a birth/death date or I just have a birth date and cause the "living" to be unchecked for them.


03 July 2012 - 03:48 PM


In August of last year I asked for this to be added to the Wish list and you confirmed that it had been added. What is the status?


"Do you happen to know if RootsMagic is going to add an "Invisible" feature sometime in the future? "Invisible" went further than making them "Private"; it literally made them disappear for whatever report you wanted to print out or send in a GEDCOM but, of course, they were still visible in your database.

I really did like that as it gave me the ability to make a "living" person and their descendants just disappear from a Gedcom of a file I wanted to send to someone else but didn't want to include anyone living. The Private feature, at least in FTM and Legacy, only made the person come out as "Living" Doe and if there were any children it would list them as "Living" Doe as well as define the sex. So if I received one like that, I would be pretty certain that the parents (both "Living" Doe and indicating the sex) had "X" number of children of which "X" number were male and "X" number were female. I consider this way too much information to give out in this day and age as I've been able to find the family with just this much information.

Legacy allowed "Invisible" by selecting for it on the party's individual screen. If you wanted to make them visible, all you had to do was click off on that feature on the screen to set up printing, etc., the file. Additionally, you had the option to make that feature available only for that one time or to turn it off until you wanted to turn it back on - all from that one screen."

Shared Facts - Misnamed Media Album

28 June 2012 - 10:20 AM

I'm either not doing something correctly or there is an error/oddity in the sharing sources feature that needs to be addressed.

For instance: I am at the Edit person screen for the head person and have added a fact for the 1870 census. When I click on the icon for the source, everything is fine. When I click on the icon for the media, the media album comes up with the correct picture, identifies it as Census:1870 an shows the 6 people that are tagged. Still all fine.

Now I go to the screen for his wife which shows the green double-ended arrow indicating that this is a shared source, then click on the source icon and the source is correct, then click on the icon for the media and while the correct "picture" comes up and all the people are tagged as they should be, the area where the source is "named", shows [Shared] Alt. Birth: 1870. I was expecting it to say (and think it should say) [Shared] 1870 , Illinois, etc., etc. just as the original entry said.

ALL of my shared entries are doing this - the original is correct but the shared souces do not identify the {Shared] correctly.