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In Topic: Unable to sign into Ancestry RM

06 June 2018 - 05:51 AM

I use Backblaze to backup my whole computer.  I paused the backup for two hours, restarted my laptop, opened an existing database, ran all database tools in order, then tried to sign in to Ancestry using TreeShare. Nothing happens to the TreeShare window but the RM Index in the background starts to flash in about 1/2 second intervals as if it's trying to process individuals. RM freeze up at that time.
 Before I was unable to sign in using TreeShare, I occasionally would have RM freeze up, with multiple SQLite Error mini-windows popping up. I'm wondering if RM is rewriting my database files on disk for each changed person.

In Topic: Workflow/Process to synchronize Ancestry.com, RM7, MyHeritage

14 November 2017 - 12:25 PM

You can use TreeShare for Ancestry to keep your Ancestry tree current. You can use that same database to make changes on FamilySearch Family Tree. MyHeritage does not have an API that allows you to make changes to their website through RootsMagic. So MyHeritage will be the harder one to maintain. I would start with Ancestry, FamilySearch and then upload new GEDCOMs to MyHeritage to keep that current.

I know about using TreeShare for Ancestry.  What is the fastest way to make changes to my FamilySearch family tree using RM7?