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In Topic: Publishing 2 different Group Sheets (with same details)

15 May 2011 - 04:17 AM

What your seeing is the way RM was designed to behave. The printed FGS has the blank parents field so people can add the information in if they find it. The website does not have the blank field appearing because you wouldn't be printing the FGS from there and adding to it.

Understanding this logic, do you want me to make an enhancement request for you?

Not if its designed that. Thank you.

In Topic: Publishing 2 different Group Sheets (with same details)

11 May 2011 - 12:55 AM

Renee, Sorry I should have been clearer with my explanation. Now where to start? In my database the person I am using to display/ print the Family Group Sheet has no parents recorded. When I display the group sheet via 'Reports' there are two entries for parents but no details are filled in. In the 'Internet' generation these two entries are left out (my reverence but it may a a bug or design aid - to me it makes sense to report what is there and if not leave the headings out for those details that are not there. We don't report the 600 or so other possible things that are not there. but thats my way of thinking.)

Is this now more clear or still as clear as mud? :-)

PS I don't mind the directions the designers take as long as these two reports reflecting the same information and headings. This is one indecent where I personally feel the 'Internet' option is the correct way to report the details.