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Defining a website source - template-based fields?

18 March 2015 - 01:17 PM

Hi everyone


I have been wondering how to deal with web sources with parametrized URLs, where you want to have the dynamic part of the URL to be inserted into another field.


Say there is a website "myfamily.com" which employs URLs along this pattern "myfamily.com/person/[ID]/view" and I found information on my grand-grandparents: Betty Smith and John Doe.


For Betty Smith:

   the ID is 123

   I would cite her life by supplying ddetail field 123

   her final URL would be: myfamily.com/person/123/view


For John Doe

   the ID is 456

   I would cite his life by supplying detail field 456

   his final URL would be: myfamily.com/person/456/view


I imagine In the Source Template I would define 2 fields:

1. Field "URL" of type URL (new type): "myfamily.com/person/{{ID}}/view

2. Field "ID" of type text, source detail

As you can guess, the {{ID}} would be then inserted into URL field, and yes - you guessed it: - when rendered on screen it would be clickable.


[Of course a validation should occur to prevent circular references of field to itself]


I tried to achieve something similar using default Ancestral File, online, but to no avail.

How do you cope with a similar scenario?