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Pop-Up Help Windows

18 December 2011 - 11:35 AM

This issue is usually seen by Windows XP users that have enlarged their font size. It will cut off part of the dialog box. That type of dialog is called a TaskDialog, which was introduced in Vista (it is a Windows dialog). Bruce is trying to figure out a way for it to work in Windows XP.

Is this bug (first reported in RM4) still on the list of needed fixes? Often, the field name does not give me a real understanding of what is supposed to go there and I like to see more dialogue about the purpose for that field... too often, I cannot see the whole hint. Oh... I am running Windows XP on a MacBook Pro (using VMWare Fusion).

Name Options

15 December 2011 - 12:47 AM

There are many in my file who NEVER used their first name, and were known their entire life only by their middle name. Aside from using their full name in the birth field (as the only place the first name has ever been found is in a family bible entry), that is the name I want to use by default in the rest of the narrative sentences. Is there an easy way to do that? These are the only options I see, and all have their drawbacks -

1) add it as an Alternative Name - First, it really isn't an alternative name, but aside from that... I could use this field for that purpose and globally change that sentence to read, "He went by the name ___" or something similar. Then change all personal fact sentences globally to use that name if it exists, otherwise first name. The problem is that there are times I really need that field for use as a true alternative name. [some records read James Levi Jones, others read Levi James Jones... or John Wooten vs John Ooten in the generation when the W was apparently dropped from the name as the family migrated to another location).

2) add it as a Nickname - Again, it really isn't a nickname and I want to be able to use the Nickname field as it is set up. I don't want the full name to read: Horace Benjamin Arthur 'Benjamin' Smith. However, I do want another person's name to read Hiram Joseph "Hy" Taylor.

3) create a new personal field, i.e. commonly called, and add the middle name there - This was my first thought, but it again would require a lot of work to make sure that all sentences (except birth) were set up globally to use this name, if it existed, else.... A major problem with this option is that I can see no way to include it among cycled names in a narrative report.

4) Customize every fact field for any individual who did not "go by" his/her first name, entering the name I want to use in the sentence.

I think I have decided that option #4 is the best option (less potentially destructive for other person reports). But it is annoying as I'll have to do this for so many individuals. Before I start making changes... does anyone have a better idea? I am pretty new at this sentence structure thing, but it is the main reason I switched to RootsMagic.

Ideally, I would like to have a new option added to the person page. Nickname is already at the top, easily filled in with each new person. It would be great if a field "Known as" or "Commonly called" or some such could also be included there and set as default for sentences.