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In Topic: Uses of Proof values in RM5?

21 December 2011 - 11:43 AM

I agree that it would be nice to be able to actually work with proof values of all kinds. In addition to proof for various fact fields, though, I would like a better way to enter (or at least see) proof values for parentage.

The way the add person screen is set up, you cannot add information about proof of parentage at the time you add a new child to the family -so it is extremely easy to overlook. And there is no way to see, easily, whether it is missing for anyone unless you go to their edit field and select a parent -at which time the screen for this data does pop up. It would be nice if, on the family view, there was an indication for each child whether parentage had been proven. If missing, you could go in and add it, as opposed to not realizing it is missing.

It would also be nice to have more choices than proven, disproven or disputed. I have one line that arrived here about 1800... all of the others arrived in the earliest days of the colonial era. Positive proof is often hard to find and I must rely on a compilation of circumstantial evidence, after an exhaustive search for evidence that the conclusion is invalid. So... maybe that is proven to some, but not to me. And yet, it is "accepted" and not disputed. If you want to adhere to Mills categories, fine. But since the information is useful for nothing except user info... let us have a few more choices as we like, and allow us to group each choice into either proven/disprove/disputed. So... proven and accepted can be grouped together for reporting, if desired, but also queried separately for research purposes (and I'd like probable and unlikely as user options, also).

Finally... it would be incredible if how these groups were handled in reports could vary. For example... I have a family that, according to 1810 - 1830 census records, probably had 12 children. All records consistent, assuming that as children reached maturity, they left the parental household. There are no legal documents for either parent or any known sibling to "prove" names of these children. Because my g-g-grandmother gathered hair from more than 130 immediate and extended family members, and sewed it into a book with their names, I actually do have the names of many. After years of work eliminating every other Tucker in the general area surround this family as it moved from VA to OH to IL... I have speculation about the remaining 3, but it is still not proven to my satisfaction. I would like the proven (and accepted, if that choice is given to me) to list as known children. I'd like all the info I've gathered about the "probable" but not proven lines to list following that -and that they be so noted.

In Topic: Add type-ahead for occupations and sort births/marriages by date

21 December 2011 - 11:03 AM

I agree and the wish has been posted in the past for the same functionality. The Place Details field is designed and billed as working like this but does not due to a bug outstanding since RM4, I would like to see that fixed first.

I also agree with this and was thinking exactly that just the other day so add my vote.

Hmmm... When I type into the Places field, a little box with similar items does appear with matching info that has already been entered into the database. The more I type, the fewer selections from which to choose are seen.

Oops, sorry... it just registered that you said place details. My bad.

In Topic: County Checker

21 December 2011 - 10:57 AM

Renee - Apologies accepted :rolleyes: , but yes... most of my post is gone and what is left makes little sense. So, I'll try again.

1st - Default behavior on exiting the County Checker Screen
Yes, you can click cancel to exit the check screen and no change is made to the data as you entered it. However - that interrupts productive work flow and is, to me, counter-intuitive. If I want to use County in my places, and leave out USA (and I do), I have two choices. I can turn County Checker off - But the potential is good and I'd like to use it to check for typos and for suggestions when I am entering info about places less familiar to me. If I leave it on for that assistance, then I have to deal with the error box not only each time I enter data into the place field, but every single time I simply edit any information in a fact type that contains a place field -even if I edit only the date and nothing about the place itself. This requires me to remove my fingers from the keyboard, move to the mouse, and navigate to the cancel box for a "click," then reposition my fingers to continue typing. I want to keep my hands on the keyboard... having to go to the mouse constantly is tedious and inefficient. Since the only time I would ever want any program to change something to a default that I cannot specifically set up is after I've reviewed the suggested change and made the decision to go with it... that interrupts my workflow anyway, so clicking to okay the change is much less of an intrusion. Eventually, the routine to hit enter and continue typing will be second nature... an extra step, but not so annoying.

2nd - Thoughts on a better Places Management System
If County Checker allowed us to go through our list of places and "OK" them as we like, then the pop-up would occur ONLY when we entered information that was not already approved, by the individual user, for that field. I have a huge number of lines that migrated through Pike Co., Illinois.... I should be able to tell the County Checker that that place is FINE... Don't bother me about it unless I enter a date before it was formed. Now THAT would be fantastic.

3rd - Plotting for SITES, not just a city, county, or state.
For me... I am perfectly happy to put the name of a church, or a street address, etc. into place details. I do not want to put many cemetery names townships into a details field which, at this time, has little use except in narratives. My families all tended to stay in small groups... buried in the same cemetery, living in the same township, etc. as they moved westward simply because, I suspect, they were pushing the frontier from colonial days -it was their culture. If I am going to make a trip to Ohio or West Virginia, I want an easy way to group every person who was buried in a certain cemetery together so I can look for stones to photograph (if there could possibly be any left). Similarly, I often do not know an exact location for someone, but I do know a township... I want to plot the middle of that township -not the middle of the county. Location, location, location is everything when you are doing actual research to identify which individuals who share the same surname are more likely to be members of your line as opposed to another line. Just knowing they were in the same large county is not nearly as valuable as knowing they were in the same township that included the majority of your line.

In Topic: County Checker

20 December 2011 - 01:25 PM

I could go on and on, but if nothing else, please change the default behavior upon exiting checker by hitting return to leave it as is, rather than change it.

In Topic: fact sorting

20 December 2011 - 09:07 AM

I agree completely with Laura... I do not want RM to sort certain fields automatically -certainly not when dates are present. I like it when my empty dates are together and obvious to see... Though I may not know an actual date for them, I can guestimate -or just choose a sort order based on how I want the narrative to flow. I hope RM does not make a change here.

On the other hand, Jack is right... I agree that a default placement of the Burial field AFTER the Death field is warranted -either when there is no date for burial, or no date for both. Of course you'd have to make a manual change using sort dates (I love this option) for the poor schlub who got buried alive, but one would hope most of us never have family who've been so traumatized.

Tom H - - I continue to be amazed at the contributions you and Romer make with SQL queries. I just wish I were more up to speed so I could take advantage of them. I used MS Access extensively up until about ten years ago and loved the power of queries. Unfortunately, I've been out of it long enough that the language and interface often befuddles me, especially working directly in MySQL language. I do still have Access 2000 on my computer, however, use it on occasion for the old databases I built to help keep track of the content (i.e. by individual) of old family pictures, and who owned the px when I scanned it, etc. Or to link individuals to a line, and household, entry in a census record (but will soon drop that as can now start doing more of that in a genealogy program). There are other things I'd like to take advantage of, though... any chance of some private coaching to help me get back into the game?